Private Swim Lessons in West LA

Private lessons are perfect for students who learn best with one-on-one attention;
aimed to provide the knowledge of confidence and safety in and around the water.


The SwimRight® Method

Our private swim program covers all eight levels of the SwimRight® Method that was developed by four-time Olympic Gold Medalist, Lenny Krayzelburg, and his staff. Our method is focused on providing students with the knowledge of confidence and safety in and around the water.
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Personal swimming lessons are perfect for

students who benefit from dedicated guidance:
  1. anxious first-time swimmers
  2. students with special needs
  3. adults who have been putting off learning to swim

Advantage over group classes

- undivided swim instructor's attention and feedback
- a one-on-one setting that helps students overcome fear
- establish a level of trust with the instructor that builds confidence

Our approach: personalisation and fun

A one-on-one setting enables the teacher to create a unique plan that allows the student to learn at his or her own speed while still having fun in the pool.
Once the basics are learned, students are encouraged to shift to a group class environment.
Fundamental skills can be repeated and perfected, and once mastered, will give students confidence and comfort that they can carry seamlessly into a group setting


Private swim lessons (1 x 1)

from $200/mo


"We have had a wonderful experience at Swimright Academy. My son (8yo) had a high level of anxiety about swimming but within a few months his teacher (Oscar) had him loving swimming and looking forward to lessons. My daughter started at age 4 and has developed a love for swimming and wants to be on the SRA swim team:). All of the teachers have been wonderful, fun and extremely professional!"
Julia Grant

"I have been sending my kids to SwimRight since 2015, and now 6 years later, my two kids are so naturally at home in the water that people think they grew up with a pool at home or in a tropical beach town... SwimRight has so many top-notch instructors. Watching the kids develop in so many ways and accomplish so much here as been a most rewarding and precious experience."

Arthur Chen

"My daughters are progressing very well with SwimRight. We had previously been using a company that used a gym's pool and they had to share lanes. It just didn't work well. At SwimRight, my daughters have already moved up a level and are on their way to the next very soon. Cynthia and Jocelyn are wonderful instructors and treat my daughters with such great care.Thank you SwimRight!."

Danita Forbes

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