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Ideal teaching method for children in the floaters level or higher.
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The SwimRight Method

Our Learn-to-Swim program was developed by Lenny Krayzelburg and his coaching team.

Swim-float-swim technique as a foundation

All students are taught first to have an instinct to roll over onto their backs to breathe, which provides them with the ultimate tool for saving themselves in a time of need.

Progressive learning

This approach to swim class provides the proper body positioning for learning the strokes. Step by step, building upon these core mechanics, students develop impeccable form in the four competitive strokes.

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What is the best age for a child to start swimming lessons?
This type of swimming lessons available for children 4 years old and older.
How many lessons does it take for a child to learn to swim?
Learning to swim does not have to take long, but it is a life skill that requires time and practice. The SwimRight Method is simple to learn and incredibly effective. However, there are a number of factors that go into becoming a good swimmer. Variables to consider include the child's age and willingness to learn, the frequency with which they attend sessions, and the outcomes desired by the parents. Swim lessons for kids in West Hills should be continued until the child is a confident, competent swimmer, which we strongly advise. They should feel at ease in any depth of water and be able to swim and breathe safely for long distances.
How well should a 5 year old swim?
At this age, children should be able to float on their own, dip their heads underwater for up to 10 seconds, move from a standing to a swimming position independently, and kick and stroke in the water with (relatively) coordinated motions.
How much are kids swimming lessons in West Hills?
See the respective section above.
What do kids need for swimming lessons?
  • Swimsuit/swimming trunks/swimming shorts
  • Towel
  • Shampoo/shower gel
  • Swimming cap
  • Goggles (these are not usually needed for beginners)
How often should they attend swim lessons?
Practice is essential in everything a youngster learns. However, we believe that consistency is as crucial. Swim lessons taken once a week throughout the year will continue to improve on this life skill and keep its relevance in their minds, lowering the risk of accidents. Some students may be distressed by the learning process, and increasing the frequency of classes during this period may be able to assist them get through it. Please discuss your swim lesson goals with us. We can make the learning process as delicate as you want it to be, or we can speed it up with a more aggressive approach.
Why do you strongly recommend group lessons for all students?
With group lessons, we see a much quicker development. In group sessions, children may observe their peers and challenge themselves to acquire new abilities in an environment that encourages collaboration and healthy competition.

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“My favorite part of that... is the people, and the coaches. They are so nice and wonderful... It's been a really good experience of being here!“

Nicole Ran

“I think it's important to teach our children to swim, because it teaches us resilience, it gives positive attitude. My son always loved swimming since he was a little baby, and we just love all the instructors!“

Julia Grant