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March 28, 2019
Lenny Krayzelburg

Top Reasons Your Child Should Learn to Swim

Even people who don’t live near an ocean are surrounded by water. Lakes, rivers, and even the bathtub can present hazardous conditions for children who don’t know how to swim. More importantly, knowing how to swim can improve a child’s sense of self while providing him or her with an enjoyable and healthy activity. There are many reasons a child should learn to swim; read on to learn more, then schedule your child’s swimming lessons in Los Angeles today.

It’s a Life Skill

Between the ages of 1 and 14, the National Safe Kids Campaign says that drowning is the second leading cause of accidental injury-related death. Knowing how to swim includes the knowledge of how to be safe around water. Children that learn how to swim are less likely to drown.

It’s a Low-Impact Workout

Because swimming is done in the water, it’s easier on most of the child’s joints. Knees and ankles don’t have to bear a constant beatdown that running, and the sports that involve running, provide on a regular basis. While swimming injuries do occur, they don’t prevent participation in the activity. If a shoulder is injured, the person can still practice kicking techniques.

It’s a Full-Body Workout

Swimming works out all the parts of the body. It is one of the best cardiovascular exercises because it improves endurance and it improves the body’s efficiency using oxygen. Muscle groups from arms, legs, and the back are used simultaneously in an aerobic workout that burns calories. Because it’s easier on the joints, children who are overweight may find it easier to get their exercise in the pool.

A Child Can Learn Teamwork

A child may find that swimming is enjoyable enough to join a team. Swim teams teach personal reliance and teamwork at the same time. Individual swimmers are always working to beat their personal best times. As a part of a team, swimmers learn the value of emotional support and working hard to accomplish a group goal.

Learning to Swim

Could Provide Future Education Opportunities

A good swimmer may be able to get a scholarship to college based on his or her swimming skills. This could help a student who might otherwise struggle with paying for higher education. In addition, a child who swims competitively will learn how to use his or her time better. This is handy at any level of education.

Allows for Lifelong Participation

As people age, some activities become more difficult. Swimming isn’t one of them. People who swim in their later years tend to be more flexible and enjoy a better quality of life. Swimming doesn’t carry the risk of falling that exercises like running and biking have. Swimming also improves mood, which can help limit depression.

Provides Benefits throughout Life

Someone who learns the love of swimming early on is more likely to continue swimming throughout his or her life. When you give your child the gift of swim lessons, you’re setting them up for success now and in the future. As they gain confidence in the water, they also will gain confidence in other areas of their life. For the best children’s swim lessons in Los Angeles, contact Swim Right Academy and schedule a class for your child.

Lenny Krayzelburg
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Kaydance December 10, 2020

But health, fun, and confidence are not the only reasons why your child should learn to swim. Learning to swim also opens up the door to a range of other activities.