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February 25, 2023
Lenny Krayzelburg

The Importance of Repetition in Swim Lessons

Learning how to swim is an integral part of any child’s life. However, not everyone has the easiest time learning how to be safe in the water. One of the best methods for your child to learn how to swim is by using repetition. This is something you might have seen your child’s swim instructor practice in their lessons and recommend doing at home. Young children learn incredibly well by using repetition since it helps reinforce new skills until it’s muscle memory. Here’s a short guide to help you get a better understanding about the importance of repetition in your child’s swim lessons.

Repetition Improves the Brain

Repetition is incredibly powerful. When your child repeats an action, their brain will help them learn until it’s completely strengthened. The practice of repetition can support your child’s mental development and cognitive function for learning new skills, such as swimming. This is especially crucial to practice when your child is still young as their brain is still developing. The more repetition you and your child work on, the easier they will adopt the new skills they’re learning.

Swimming Is a Confidence Booster

Repeating a new skill in a comfortable learning environment can help your child develop a new ability while improving their feeling of self-worth. The more your child practices, the more confident and accomplished they’ll feel when swimming. It can easily be said that swimming is a confidence booster, especially if your child is in a class with kids their own age and skill level.

Muscle Memory Helps with Memorization

Your child needs to start building their muscle memory. The more and more you and your child practice a skill or your child practices a skill with an instructor, the easier they’ll learn it and remember it thanks to muscle memory. Mastery over a skill can help your child automatically remember it in the future, even if they’re not practicing it every day. This is why repetition is so important; the more times your child repeats a new skill to develop their muscle memory, the easier it will be for them to perform it whenever necessary.

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Swimming Builds Security

Learning is one of a child’s favorite things to do; every parent knows this from experience. Repeating an activity can help build your child’s sense of security while participating in that activity. For example, the first time your child entered a swimming pool, they were likely terrified. However, after a few swimming lessons, hopefully they felt more confident and secure in a pool. They’re probably trying to run to the to the deep end by now! If your child is just starting swim lessons and is nervous about being in the water, don’t worry; after a few lessons, they’ll be begging to spend more time in the pool. They just have to build confidence and security in the water to acknowledge it as a comfortable and safe environment.

If your child is taking swimming lessons, there’s a lot they’ll need to learn to develop the skill fully. This is why repetition is essential to their swim lessons with an instructor and at home. Hopefully, this short guide could help you get a better understanding of the importance of repetition in swimming school in Los Angeles. To sign your child up for their first lesson today, contact SwimRight Academy at Our staff is eager to discuss the additional benefits of swimming for your child and help you find the perfect lesson for them!

Lenny Krayzelburg
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