5 Star!!! I Love this one! GO team GO 🙂

If you are looking for a class to introduce your baby or child to the pool and teach water safety and swimming, this is the place! I love that they trust the child's natural ability to handle the water while providing a low-stress learning environment. When I researched swim for babies, I mainly found parent/child splash time...what a waste of time and money! I didn't want to wait until my child was 4 years old, strap on some floaties and torture them through a week intense learn-to-swim class like so many of my friends have done. Instead we came way back when the baby was only 5 months of age and by 7 months I had a child that was holding their breath and swimming underwater (with parent). We love the friendly staff and instructors so much, it's like a big family! Plus warm salt water pool and decent showers. LOVE this place!

Mebot B

The LK Swim School has been terrific!

The Lenny Krayzelburg Swim Academy is a godsend to families with children in the Miracle Mile area and the surrounding neighborhoods.  The facilities are great and the instructors are the best in working with kids of all ages. My two grandsons, ages 2 and 6, are both taking lessons and progressing through the various skill levels offered at the Swim Academy. They both have developed a total love of the water and feel safe in the water with the safety instruction that has been given.  We all love the Lenny Krayzelburg Swim Academy!

Pam Rudy

But Mommy! I know how to swim!

I just want to say how thrilled we are with the swim lessons our daughter is taking.  The LKSA program is great and the instructors are wonderful with the kids.  Our daughter has Miss Judy, and she is fabulous.  Judy has a great way of encouraging the kids and celebrating their accomplishments.  Thanks to the entire aquatics staff for making this program available!

Colleen Mulkern

We are big fans of the Lenny K Swim Academy...

I'm the biggest fan of Lenny's swimming school. I'm from Brazil (Rio de Janeiro) and very passionate about swimming. My mom was a swim teacher and I grew up in her swimming school. When I got married, my husband (American from Calabasas but away since college) and I moved to London. We stayed for 10years and had 2 kids. When my son Thomas (5today) was 6months old I started swimming classes with him.  After 4 years I had my baby girl Anna (1-1/2 today). She was 4 months old when she began swimming classes in London.  We moved back to the US in February 2012. So it has been about a year that I found you guys in the Valley (CA). This was after we tried 3 different schools around and talked to a lot of private swimming teachers. I just want to say that I've been in lots of swimming schools in South America, England and Australia (here just some) and I've never experienced such a wonderful school and techniques as in Lenny's academy. Congratulations!  I also like that you guys are year-round and indoors! When I first got here I hated this mentality off intensive swimming courses during summer.

Thank you very much for this opportunity.

Lenny Krayzelburg Swim Academy is THE BEST!

Christiane Viane

Some More Testimonials...

This review is a year in the making, and the 5 stars are for both the parent-tot classes, and the individual lessons.

What sets Lenny K apart from other swim schools is that their emphasis is on safety -- basically, how not to die if you fall in the water. while other schools may do fun water games or just splash around, Lenny K's "swim right" method starts teaching water safety from the beginning. not to say classes aren't fun -- they are a blast!! we started the Tiny Human when he was about a year old in the Parent-Tot class, and he loved it. there were other kids who were clearly not as happy to be in water, but within one or two lessons they were loving it too. parents might learn just as much being in there with their kid!

We're now doing privates and it's great to see the progress that Tiny Human has made. he gives lessons to his toys in the bathtub, telling them to roll over and backfloat. there are a lot of instructors at Lenny K, and so there will be one that will fit your & your kid's personalities well. they offer a free introductory lesson, and will give recommendations based on what they see. at our first-ever lesson, the instructor recommended we start right away with advanced parent-tot with Teacher Jared...she was totally right. we've stuck with Jared ever since, although Tiny Human also enjoys doing lessons with Teacher Dillon -- this is because he likes the more energetic, rough-and-tumble approach. Tiny's friend, who is a more sensitive soul, has done well with Teacher Celine. all instructors i've observed are professional, energetic, and are good at making the lessons personal.

The final fifth start of awesomeness goes to the desk staff, who are unfailingly cheerful, friendly, and totally efficient. they are great at answering all questions, rescheduling lessons, and even learning the names of their small clients. if you go to the website and click around a bit, you should find a coupon for free lessons beyond the introductory one if you sign up.

More tips: parking is free and usually not a hassle. Sunday afternoons is "family swim" when the pool is open to the public for a reasonable fee.

Erika G

My son Jacoby has been taking swim lessons at the JCC for a couple of years.  Previously he would attend his lessons, but he was not enthusiastic about going and would spend much of the lesson trying to avoid doing the things that made him uncomfortable.  In only a few short weeks the new Lenny Krayzelburg program has helped Jacoby to become far more confident in the water.  The rewards / incentive program is brilliant, getting the children enthusiastic to attend lessons and earn stickers toward their next swim level.  Additionally, Jacoby has benefitted from the smaller scope of skills covered in his lessons, especially the strong focus on learning to float on his back.  Add in the curiosity about the new docks and the novelty of standing in the middle of the pool, and you have a program that my son is excited to attend and committed to practicing.  I recommend LKSA to all parents, as learning to swim is one of the most important skills that can be taught to a child, both for the critical safety, as well as for a lifetime love of the water.

Matt A

Both my boys have been taking swimming lessons at the LKS academy for 8 years.  My older son Alek had water sensitivity when he was 3 and that is what spurred us to start him with lessons, he would scream bloody murder with every bath from the day he was born.  Now he is an excellent swimmer, loves the water, wants to be a marine biologist and swim with sharks!  Soon after my first son started lessons, we started my second son Ayk, and he went from crying during his whole lesson, to also loving swimming.  They continue to enjoy their lessons with their classes, Ayk is a glider and Alek is a flyer.  Now we have a hard time getting them out of the water. 

Thanks for all you do…..

Karine Mouradian


The best place for children to learn how to swim. My baby did. When we first came my child was afraid of going into water , never mind swimming. In only few short months she was swimming. Thank you!!!!

 Yelena Gindes

The Lenny Krayzelberg Swim Academy has helped my daughter learn to love the water. She can't wait to go to her class each week and it has helped me feel less anxious about her being near the water since I myself can't swim! :)

Monica L