Swimming Lessons for Beginners in LA

Private or group swim lessons for newcomers of any age.

Swimming classes for students of all ages

Our baby swim lessons is a great way for parents to spend quality time with their children while also giving them a foundation of water confidence. The instructor will teach the parents how to properly hold their child in the water, how to take them underwater, and the importance of the back float during these lessons. Our method is taught to children through the use of songs and games that serve as an introduction to the material that the child will later learn in private lessons.

Trial Infant swim lessons

This free trial infant swim classes are offered for all new toddler swim classes families. The instructor's main focus will be on clarifying the rationale behind the various songs, drills, and games used with the youngest students. This class is designed to give parents a taste of our physical therapy classes while also giving them insight into how their child responds to the water.
Class Size: 6 x 1
Duration: 30 min

Beginner baby swim classes

This class is an introduction to the SwimRight® Method, and it focuses on the first level's skills. It's made for parents who want to have fun with their kids while giving them a head start on water safety and swimming skills.
Class Size: 6 x 1
Duration: 30 min

Advanced Parent-Tot Class

These baby swim lessons are designed for parents who are committed to helping their kid reach their full potential in the water and are ready to move on to the more advanced abilities covered in our SwimRight® Method Level 2 curriculum. It's intended to let kids swim more independently even if mom or dad is in the pool with them.
Class Size: 4 x 1
Duration: 30 min


The Lenny K Way

"Our comprehensive, result driven SwimRight method emphasizes water safety as a foundation and proper body position techniques as the fundamental components of becoming water safer and learning to swim".
Lenny Krayzelburg


"We are very pleased with the clean and modern facilities, well-designed program of instruction, and emphasis on safety..."
Andrew B

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