Teen Swim Lessons in LA

Our private swim lessons cater to teenagers of all skill levels: from teens overcoming a fear of water to those striving to enhance their strokes for improved efficiency.

The SwimRight Method

Designed to accommodate swimmers of varying ages and proficiencies, our teen swimming classes emphasize mastering the five developmental aspects: comfort, coordination, technique, endurance, and speed.

Individualized instruction in our private swim lessons for teenage beginners ensures rapid progress, with each session tailored to address specific needs.

Portrait of a happy woman taking swimming lessons with a teacher - lifestyle concepts
Swimming instructor helping a woman float in the swimming pool while looking very happy and smiling

Our private teen swim lessons are ideal for:

  • Overcoming fear of water
  • Acquiring fundamental swimming skills
  • Perfecting stroke mechanics and technique
  • Building muscle strength and endurance

It's never too late for teenage swimmers to enhance their aquatic abilities!

Teenagers can develop the necessary swimming skills to feel confident and secure in water environments.

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Portrait of a young woman taking swimming lessons with a teacher and looking very happy - lifestyle concepts

Create lasting memories in and around water, whether it's at the beach with friends or at a pool party with family!

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The Lenny K Way

"Our comprehensive, result driven SwimRight method emphasizes water safety as a foundation and proper body position techniques as the fundamental components of becoming water safer and learning to swim".
Lenny Krayzelburg


"We are very pleased with the clean and modern facilities, well-designed program of instruction, and emphasis on safety..."

Andrew B

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