Private swim instructors in LA

Lessons with private swim instructor are beneficial for students of any age, from children to adults, who may need more supervision.

Swimming lessons for students of all ages

Using the SwimRight® Method, our swimming lessons are based on the swim-float-swim technique, and we teach our students how to be confident and safe in and around the water.

Students who will benefit from one-on-one teaching:

  • tensed first-time swimmers,
  • adults who have put off learning to swim,
  • students with special needs

Advantage over group classes

Our warm water pools help kids develop their swimming skills while preventing the anxiety and distractions that might occasionally accompany large, crowded swim lessons.

Our approach

We think swimming instruction and skill development should be pleasant. Private swim lessons are tailored to each student's needs, whether they want to learn to swim safely and confidently or to compete at the professional level.


The Lenny K Way

"Our comprehensive, result driven SwimRight method emphasizes water safety as a foundation and proper body position techniques as the fundamental components of becoming water safer and learning to swim".
Lenny Krayzelburg


"We are very pleased with the clean and modern facilities, well-designed program of instruction, and emphasis on safety..."
Andrew B

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