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March 6, 2020
Lenny Krayzelburg

Reasons You Shouldn’t Stop Baby Swimming Lessons after Summer

Infant swimming classes in West Los Angeles are a great way to keep your child safe and to establish skills that will help them become a better swimmer as they grow. Many parents are tempted to only do swimming lessons during the summer when there’s more room in the schedule and when kids are more likely to be swimming. However, there are numerous reasons why you should continue swimming lessons throughout the year. Here’s what you need to know.

Risk Is Year-Round

Although your child is more likely to be around neighborhood pools during the summer, that doesn’t limit the risk of drowning to the summertime only. There are numerous drownings during the rest of the year, in part because caregivers often overlook the dangers of backyard pools since children aren’t as likely to be swimming during those seasons. Your child can easily sneak into a pool or other body of water, and if their survival and swim skills weren’t as strong as they should’ve been at the end of the summer, the risk of drowning is high. In addition, families frequently take vacations to warmer areas or stay in a resort or hotel with a pool during the winter. So, continuing swimming lessons will keep your child’s skills sharp so that they’ll be safe on vacation as well.

Avoid Regression

Most children learn survival skills in the water rather quickly with infant swimming lessons, but like any other skill, continued practice is essential. This continued practice will improve muscle memory so that your child is safe and effective in the water no matter their skill level or age. Swimming throughout the year keeps your child comfortable so, if they do have an accident near a pool, they’re less likely to panic and will be able to remember the skills learned in lessons. Children who only take swimming lessons during the summer often have to relearn skills that were lost during the fall and winter.

Stay Active

Swimming is one of the few exercises that can be done throughout the year without relying solely on the weather. Indoor facilities make it easier for you to keep your child active. Your child’s respiratory and cardiovascular systems and muscle tone will improve so that your child has better motor skills and balance. This regular exercise is good not only for physical health, but for mental and emotional health as well. Children that participate in regular physical activity tend to be more goal-oriented and more resilient in social and academic settings.

Infant swim lesson

Continue Routines

Routine is another important part of helping children develop mentally. A routine that includes something that challenges them, such as swimming lessons, provides comfort and stability. This is especially helpful when continued throughout the year because other major changes that occur can disrupt the schedule. Continuing swimming lessons adds one aspect of continuity to your child’s life.

Stay Healthier

Part of improved physical health is avoiding viruses and other bugs that make the rounds during the fall and winter. Some people mistakenly believe that swimming lessons will increase the frequency of colds, but the opposite is actually true. People are more likely to become sick when nasal passages dry out. Regular swimming lessons provide a more humid environment that can help your body fight off bugs.

To enroll your child in infant swim school in West Los Angeles, contact SwimRight Academy today or register for classes online.

Lenny Krayzelburg
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Skyller January 10, 2021

Many parents discontinue their children’s swimming lessons over the winter months, for fear of their children getting sick or the extra effort it takes to do activities when it s cold and wet outside. But, swimming regularly throughout the year has many benefits for your child. Here are 5 reasons why you shouldn t stop swimming lessons in the winter months.