Streamliners Level

Level 6
Master catch up stroke for freestyle and backstroke switch drill. Introduce kicking for breaststroke and butterfly. Initiate early stages of basic competitive elements.

Streamline 6 Count Switch

Alternate side breathing drill in streamline postion

Streamline Catch up Stroke

Breathing every 3 strokes in streamline position

Double Arm Backstroke

Maintain strong kick while both arms reach above head and pull to sides

Backstroke Switch

Backstroke switch with a 6 count delay


Assisted breaststroke kick


Assisted dolphin kick

Independent Toy Retrieval

Using surface dive to grab object from the bottom of the pool unassisted

Assisted Somersaults

Knees tucked, flip without twisting body

Diving Skills

Kneeling. One toe over the edge, other knee on the ground, tight streamline arms, fingertips first into the water

Safety Skill 4

Survival test with eyes covered