Rollers Level

Level 5
Further develop rotational drills while maintaining correct body position and proper kicking. Solidify arm stroke drills for freestyle and backstroke.

Side Kick

One arm up behind the ear, one arm down, looking to the side with a strong kicking

Stomach Roll to Side Kick

Independently using core to rotate to side for breath and back

Streamline Roll to Side Kick

Starting streamline position on the front and roll to side kick

1 Big Arm Roll to Side Kick

One arm pulls, with other arm down. Pause on the side (one arm, each direction)

6 Count Switch with Kickboard

Side kick, face out of the water roll to front, face in the water

Catch up stroke with kickboard

Breathing every 3 strokes, while using board for support

1 Arm Backstroke

Backstroke one arm pull , opposite arm at the site (one arm, each direction)

Driving skills

Sitting. Bottom on the wall, tight, streamline, arms, fingertrips first into the water

Safety Skill 3

Lesson without googles