Kickers Level

Level 3
Achieve complete independence and confidence in the water. Obtain awareness of the environment and the ability to move around the pool independently with correct body position and kicking.

Kick, Float, Kick

Kick, roll to back float and back to front, kick

Kick on Back

Kick on back, soldier position, hands to the side

Kick on Front

Kick on the front, soldier position, hands to the side

Streamline Kick on Front

Flutter kicking on front with streamline body position

Kick on Back with 1 Arm up

Kick with 1 arm up, arm down to the side

Streamline Kick on Back

Flutter kicking on back with streamline body position

Monkey, Airplane, Rocket

Hands move up to armpit, out to the side, push down to the soldier position

Unsinkable Back Float

Recovery to unlimited back float

Water Bobbing

Mouth open when above water, closed when submerged

Independent 15 Yard Swim

Independent swim 15 yards, any direction with instructor out of the water

Safety Skill 1

Elbow, elbow, knee, knee

Survival Test 2

Fully clothed fall in, roll to back float for 10 seconds, kick, float, kick to wall