Kickboarders Level

Level 4
Provide physical support designed to assist in learning drills that involve rotational skills and the use of arms while swimming. Solidify proper breathing techniques.

Kick, Roll, Kick

Kick on front, roll to kick on back, roll to kick on front

Breath Control

Proper exhale when face in the water

Side Kick with Kickboard

1 arm behind ear, strong kicks while using board to balance maintaining float

Side Kick Roll to Stomach with Kickboard

Engaging core to roll to breathe on the side while using board

Streamline Roll to Side Kick with Kickboard

Both hands on the board, roll to side kick, return to arms in front

1 Arm Up and Roll to 1 Arm Up

Start on the front and roll to the back in the same position

Streamline Roll to Streamline

Streamline rotation front to back, ears locked between the shoulders

Assisted Toy Retrival

Toy retrieval from the bottom of the pool

Safety Skill 2

Deep water confidence