Floaters Level

Level 2
Establish an unlimited comfort level while in a back float and to increase awareness in the water. Learn the independent back float with proper rotation and begin basic kicking.

Independent Launch

Off the island, face in the water, must reach

Independent Back Float

Back float with airways safety out of the water, 10 second minimum

Independent Roll

From independent launch to firm back float

Splash and Float

Small, incremental splashes while maintaining float

Flip and Float

Flip feet over head, recover to float independently

Kick, Kick,Kick

On the mats, using momentum to kick around the pool

Wall Kicks

Maintain consistent kick at the top of the water

Independent Launch with Kick, Kick, Kick

No arm movement, kick instead of glide

Jump In

Independent jump into the pool

Jump In and Float

Jump and roll into the back float

Fall In and Float

Purposely fall off floating devices, roll to back float

Survival Test 1

Fall in the water to firm unsinkable back float (closing is optional)