The SwimRight® Method – All Levels

All doors to swimming and beyond, from SwimSafe to SwimRight to SwimFast to SwimFastest!

Swim Safe

An elementary school equivalent program that focuses on learning how to be water safe and independent in and around water is essential for children to participate in. The main goal to teach children necessary skills and knowledge to be safe and confident both for the child and theirparent. Through a series of fun and simplified skills and drills, we keep children engaged and focused as they progress from level-to-level mastering more advanced skills. By completing this full program children will have learned the necessary skills to be water safe and independent. Children completing SwimSafe Program will have established proper foundation for learning all four-swimming stroke in our next SwimRight Program.

Level 1 Splashers

Introduce the student to the pool nvironment and have them become familiar and comfortable in the water.

Level 2 Floaters

Establish an unlimited comfort level while in a back float and to increase awareness in the water.

Level 3 Kickers

Obtain awareness of the environment and the ability to move around the pool independently with correct body position and kicking.

Level 4 Kickboarders

Provide physical support designed to assist in learning drills that involve rotational skills and the use of arms while swimming.

Level 5 Rollers

Further develop rotational drills while maintaining correct body position and proper kicking.

Level 6 Streamliners

Master catch up stroke for freestyle and backstroke switch drill. Introduce kicking for breaststroke and butterfly.

Swim Right

This student progress book serves as the report card for your swim lessons. It is very important that you bring this book with you to every lesson! Stickers will not be given out every lesson, but you will get one when you master a skill. When you can perform each skill perfectly and more than once, you will receive the ribbon for that level and graduate to the next. Along with tracking how well you’re doing, if you have a substitute teacher they can make sure to provide you with the best lesson possible by looking at what stickers you have already earned from that level.

Level 7 Freestylers

Fully develop freestyle and backstroke strokes. Begin stroke development for breaststroke and butterfly. Ensure swimmer no longer needs hands-on instruction.

Level 8 Gliders

Solidify proper technique for full freestyle and backstroke. Continue to develop breaststroke and butterfly strokes through a series of drills. Learn starts and turns

Level 9 Flyers

Swim full breaststroke and butterfly. Put into practice a series of advanced drills to further solidify great technique for all four strokes. Perform starts and turns.