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May 25, 2019
Lenny Krayzelburg

Infant Swim Lessons: A Way to Bond with Your Child

The birth of a baby comes with so much excitement and expectation at the same time. Parents will have to alter their normal schedule to accommodate the new addition into the family. However, juggling a baby between work, dinners, meetings, and other activities may be a challenge. At some point, the parent or caregiver may hardly have time for baby bonding. It is a relief that you can now have an alternative fun and educational way of bonding with your baby through an infant swim school in Los Angeles. SwimRight Academy offers insight into how you can bond with your baby through infant swim lessons.

Why Put Your Infant in Swim Lessons

Introducing your baby to infant swimming classes in Los Angeles is not only about bonding and learning how to swim. There are other benefits that come with it, including the following:

  • Your infant gets to benefit from the physical activity involved, the engaging challenges, and being around other
  • Swimming improves the baby’s physical strength, boosting their confidence, stamina, and coordination.
  • Your baby also gets to learn more about water safety as they grow up. In fact, this is a compelling reason to enroll your infant into the best infant swim lessons in Los Angeles.

Skin-to-Skin Contact

As already mentioned, infant swim lessons in Los Angeles don’t only benefit your baby, but they also give a perfect opportunity for the both of you to bond. All the smiles, giggles, and skin-to-skin contact in the pool is a perfect display of the developing bond. Through the swimming lessons, you get to break the monotony of your hectic schedule and spend quality time with your baby.

The skin-to-skin contact, while in the pool, has been proven to be priceless. It calms and relaxes both you and your baby. Apart from that it also does the following:

  • Regulates the baby’s breathing and heart rate
  • Stimulates digestion
  • Regulates the baby’s temperature
  • Protects against infections
  • Supports the general well-being of the baby

The skin-to-skin contact has also been proven to stimulate the mother’s body, releasing hormones that nurture instincts and support breastfeeding.

Just a few hours of infant swim classes in Los Angeles, and you will get to experience magical moments with your baby. It is so reassuring for the baby to feel that familiar touch of a mother, father, or guardian who is also relaxed. And you get the added assurance of raising a baby who is confident in the water!

Parent/Infant Bonding

Infant swimming lessons require the parent to get into the water with the baby. As the parent, you are taught many exercises and games that you can engage in to help your baby or toddler become comfortable in the water. As you play the games and engage in fun activities, you get closer and more connected with your baby. The bond between the two of you will grow even stronger and strengthen your infant’s trust and sense of security. This further improves the communication cues between you and your baby.

Water bonding is an excellent way to connect with your baby. You want your child to be confident, happy, and independent, and swimming offers the perfect foundation for these traits to develop. In the process, you will get the most priceless thing: a stronger bond with your child. SwimRight Academy is dedicated to nurturing bonding through infant swim lessons. Contact us today for the ultimate bonding experience through swimming.

Lenny Krayzelburg
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