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December 3, 2019
Lenny Krayzelburg

How Swimming Helps a Child with ADHD

Children who live with ADHD (attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder) can face many struggles. Often misdiagnosed as having learning disabilities or being low achievers, children with ADHD have unique challenges; thankfully, there are activities with unique approaches that can help a child with ADHD succeed.

Did you know that child and infant swimming classes, which are taught to help developing bodies learn how to swim for fun and safety, can help children manage their ADHD symptoms? Here’s how enrolling in swimming classes can help:

Exercise for the Brain

Exercise isn’t just good for the body. Numerous studies have shown the positive link between exercise and healthy brain activity. The same is especially true for kids with ADHD.

When you exercise, the brain releases healthy chemicals called neurotransmitters. These chemicals are used to communicate with various systems throughout the body. One particularly helpful chemical is dopamine, which, when released, can make you feel happier. But it can also help you feel more focused and motivated. Why is this especially important for kids with ADHD? These children often have lower neurotransmitter levels, which is why it can be difficult for them to focus or feel motivated to do productive activities. However, when they learn how to swim, the feeling of happiness and motivation will push them to continue to succeed while hopefully also increasing their ability to focus outside of the swimming pool.

Burn Excess Energy

ADHD symptoms often include an inability to sit still for long periods of time. These children feel hyperactive enough to bounce from one task to another, one location to another, and have difficulty focusing when they’re asked to stay still and quiet for extended sessions – like when they’re in a classroom.

But taking swim classes can help children with ADHD burn through the excess energy, so their bodies feel content sitting still. What if your child swims after school? Hopefully, they will be motivated to save their energy for swimming and try to remain calmer during the school day.

Swimming is the perfect activity for burning energy because it’s an intense, body draining workout. Swimming is one of the most calorie-burning activities you can do.

child in Swim Class

Increase Confidence

Confidence can be a huge struggle for kids with ADHD. Teachers, relatives, and peers may make bad assumptions about children with ADHD if they don’t understand their particular needs. Your child may even witness their peers’ and siblings’ ease with performing schoolwork, and can develop a negative self-image.

A great way to help a child deal with these struggles is to give them a confidence-boosting task. Child and baby swim classes start slowly and help young ones build up amazing swimming abilities. Over time, your child will become more confident and motivated as they witness their own progress. They’ll also develop a sense of drive, purpose, and passion that many ADHD sufferers struggle to find.

Sign Up Today

It’s fast and easy to sign your child up for swim classes: simply call SwimRight Academy today! We offer child swim classes in West Los Angeles, so children of any age can learn how to swim safely as well as gaining the many other benefits of this lifelong skill.

Lenny Krayzelburg
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