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October 15, 2019
Lenny Krayzelburg

How Swimming Can Help Your Child’s Personality Development

Swimming isn’t just a great form of exercise, it’s also an important survival technique that everyone should know. But did you know that infants and small children can take swimming classes, too? It’s cute to imagine infant swimming classes full of babies doing laps with flippers, but in reality, babies and children are held and monitored until they’re old enough–and skilled enough–to swim on their own. Child and infant swim classes offer amazing benefits for a child’s future, such as the ability to swim in deep waters and the understanding that regular exercise is fun and important to one’s health. But swimming isn’t just great for the body – it’s great for personality development, too! Here are some of the amazing mental benefits swim lessons can bring to children.

Developed Intelligence

Children and infants are incredible observers, and they soak in information and skills very quickly. This is related to survival techniques in the wild. Children had to learn important survival skills like how to procure food very early on for the sake of survival. You may not live in a cave, but a child’s ability to learn and grow quickly remains. Children can learn basic physics about water and the body’s relation to it, as well as information about breathing and the virtues of practicing to improve skills. Swimming practice sharpens the mind and can help your children become more intelligent and ambitious.

Anxiety Relief

As many of us know, children struggle with anxiety, too. Thankfully, child and infant swim classes can help relieve common anxieties they deal with in their youth, like fear of being separated from a parent, anxiety about upcoming school, and even fear of learning something as a beginner. But as children develop a proficiency and eventual mastery of swimming skills, they grow in confidence, self-respect, and optimism. Exercise has been shown to be a great stress reliever, so they’ll experience these benefits too, even at a young age.

children in swimming pool

Improved Social Skills

Child and infant swim classes are also great for helping your little one develop better social skills. While swim lessons can be private, they’re also offered in a group setting. This is great for your child because they can learn how to interact with new friends, take turns listening and speaking, behave politely, encourage each other and take encouragement, and so much more. Introducing very young children to busy social settings can help them become more social, confident, and polite.

Special Needs Development

Personality development can be an even greater struggle for special needs children. Thankfully, child and infant swim lessons can be a big help. Encouraging swim teachers help kids feel confident as they learn and develop basic swimming skills. They’ll feel more equipped to handle situations that other, non-special needs children can handle, too.

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Lenny Krayzelburg
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