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January 30, 2020
Lenny Krayzelburg

How Learning Different Swim Strokes Benefits Your Child

Swimming is a great activity for your child because it not only keeps them safe in the water, but it also helps improve confidence and makes your child strong physically and mentally. Once your child is comfortable in the water, it’s a good idea to enroll your child in swim classes for kids in West Los Angeles for them to start learning different swimming strokes. Here are some of the benefits of this for your child.

Muscle Building

One of the major benefits of swimming is the physical strength it builds, both in children and adults. Good muscle tone is important for healthy bones and helps improve balance, which is important in young children. Even if your child decides to focus on another sport besides swimming, learning different strokes builds different muscles which is helpful in any physical activity a child participates in. Some strokes require a more powerful kick while others need stronger shoulder or back muscles, so practicing different strokes helps build muscle groups that might not be well-developed otherwise.

Confidence Building from Goal Setting

Kids learning to swim often have more confidence than other kids. This is mainly because swimming involves a lot of goal setting. Kids just starting out in swim lessons will have to master certain skills before they can move on to another class, which means they are aware of the goals they need to reach and the benchmarks they have to meet in order to reach those goals. Working towards a goal and then reaching that goal is an incredible way to increase confidence in children and help them make goals in other aspects of their lives as well.

Meeting Challenges

Along with reaching goals, learning different strokes helps children meet challenges because learning a new stroke can be challenging. However, learning the basics of each stroke makes it much easier to learn new strokes. Once children understand that they can meet challenges in swimming lessons—even when they start out with something as simple as jumping in the deep end—they’re more likely to be able to take on other challenges or to tackle tasks that seem daunting in school, with friends, or when learning other skills not related to swimming.

Swimming lesson

Finding Their Niche

The best way for a child to decide which stroke is their strongest or which one they enjoy competing in most is to learn all the strokes. Although it’s important for children to learn all the strokes, it may become apparent fairly soon that a certain stroke is a child’s strong suit while they may struggle with others. It’s impossible to learn which stroke a child excels at without learning them all. Some strokes will be more exciting to your child and make him or her more motivated to work hard to get better if entering competitive swimming is something they’ve expressed interest in.


Finally, starting with baby swim lessons in Los Angeles and progressing to learning all the strokes will increase your child’s water safety. Some strokes will be more effective in an open water situation where there’s a current or rough water. Knowing different strokes can help your child conserve energy and be safe in the water when the need arises. To get your child started in swimming lessons, contact SwimRight Academy today.

Lenny Krayzelburg
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