Class Types

Private Lessons

This type of lesson is necessary for infants and students who are not water safe and who require more attention. It is also recommended for older students with extreme anxiety about the water or behavior that is not conducive to group lessons. Once the anxiety or behavior is overcome, the older student can fit happily into a group lesson.

Class Size: 1 x 1
Duration: 15 min

Group Lessons

This type of class is good for children in the Floaters level or above who can follow direction and work effectively in a group situation. For most students this is the ideal lesson structure. We make every attempt to group students of comparable ability, as well as maturity and compatibility together.

Class Size: 4 x 1
Duration: 25 min

Parent-Tot Program

The Parent-Tot program is for children under 2 years old. This class helps to establish comfort in the water and it is also a great bonding time for parents and their children. In this class the teacher will teach the parents how to correctly hold their child in the water, the correct way to take them underwater and the importance of the back float. Our technique is taught using songs and games that introduce what the child will soon be learning later in private lessons.

Stroke Development

These classes are for more advanced swimmers who can swim 25 yards with effective flutter kick, on both their front and back. Our stroke development curriculum provides a transition between swim lessons with an instructor in the water, and pre-swim team orientation where the coach is on deck. Graduates from this program usually are able to swim all four strokes and confidently move on to joining a swim team.

Class Size: 6 x 1
Duration: 30 min

Pre-Team Classes

Pre-Team provides swimmers who have graduated from all eight levels in the SwimRight® Method with the tools necessary to join a swim team. With a focus on endurance and more detailed, competitive elements, the Pre-Team program ensures that swimmers are ready for the next step in swimming.

Class Size: 35 x 4
Duration: 45 min

Adult Lessons

These classes are for adults who have fear of the water or just for people that want to polish up on their strokes to be more efficient swimmers.

Class Size: 1 x 1
Duration: 30 min


Our core purpose is to teach and inspire children to be water safe!

LKSA is an impressive institution. It's an understatement to say it's a well-oiled machine. They focus on safety with their swimmers, and our 5-month-old loves her classes. This is one of the only places in LA that will teach infants, and they do a great job. The staff is incredibly friendly and helpful. We love it here!  Stephanie W

 We are very pleased with the clean and modern facilities, well-designed program of instruction, and emphasis on safety.  The progressive program of advancement (as signified by swim cap color) really works for my kids, who are very goal-oriented.  My children each take private lessons once a week.  Our instructors are very dedicated, conscientious and caring.  They make sure that the child has truly mastered a particular swim skill before earning their achievement sticker.  Andrew B

OMG!!!! LOVE this place :)) My baby and I go to the infant swim class and it's so much fun. The instructors are all super cool, the place is clean, reasonably priced, the water is uber warm (90 degrees) and best of all saline (not chlorine). The highlight of our week!!!  Ed F

I personally love LK Swim Academy! They have wonderful and friendly staff working there, plus a clean, large pool. I enjoy going there with my daughter and son. My kids love their coaches, they are sweet, kind, and very professional! Lusya S

Lenny K academy offers extremely talented and amazing instructors who work well with children at all ages and skill levels. We highly recommend this swim school. It has boosted our daughter's self esteem and confidence to excel at this sport. We have really enjoyed our lessons and have been going for 5 years now. My daughters (ages 5 and 7) now swim better than me!!!  Melissa M