Adult Swim Lessons in West LA

We teach private adult lessons for people of all skill levels: from adults who have a fear of the water to those that want to refine their strokes in order to swim more efficiently.


The SwimRight® Method

Our swimming classes for adults are tailored to enable swimmers of all ages and abilities to grasp the five developmental aspects of swimming: comfort, coordination, technique, endurance, and speed.

Female instructor teaching an adult male how to swim.
Private swimming lessons for adult beginners provide an excellent opportunity for swimmers to advance as sessions are tailored to each individual's particular needs.
Private adult swimming lessons are perfect for:
  1. Reducing fear
  2. Learning the basics of swimming
  3. Mastering mechanics and technique
  4. Building strength and stamina
Portrait of beautiful female swimming instructor stretching before going into the pool and her class behind her also stretching
Portrait of luxury girl in the swimming pool. Concept with young lady in a spa.
It's never too late to learn how to swim!
No matter how old you are, it is possible to gain the swimming skills necessary to feel safe and comfortable around water.
Make memories in and around the water, whether it's on a beach with friends or at a backyard pool party with your kids!
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Private swim lessons (1 x 1)



"We have had a wonderful experience at Swimright Academy. My son (8yo) had a high level of anxiety about swimming but within a few months his teacher (Oscar) had him loving swimming and looking forward to lessons. My daughter started at age 4 and has developed a love for swimming and wants to be on the SRA swim team:). All of the teachers have been wonderful, fun and extremely professional!"
Julia Grant

"I have been sending my kids to SwimRight since 2015, and now 6 years later, my two kids are so naturally at home in the water that people think they grew up with a pool at home or in a tropical beach town... SwimRight has so many top-notch instructors. Watching the kids develop in so many ways and accomplish so much here as been a most rewarding and precious experience."

Arthur Chen

"My daughters are progressing very well with SwimRight. We had previously been using a company that used a gym's pool and they had to share lanes. It just didn't work well. At SwimRight, my daughters have already moved up a level and are on their way to the next very soon. Cynthia and Jocelyn are wonderful instructors and treat my daughters with such great care.Thank you SwimRight!."

Danita Forbes

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