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June 22, 2019
Lenny Krayzelburg

5 Ways to Make Your Child Ready for Swim Lessons

As a parent, you know how important it is to teach your children important life lessons to keep them safe and feel empowered in all situations. Swim lessons are a great way to begin this process. Children as young as 4 months old benefit from swim classes. But not every child is prepared to hop in the water. Many children are afraid of the water, which is why it’s important to take your time getting your child ready for swim lessons. Check out these tips for getting your child ready for their first swim lesson.

Have Fun at Bath Time

To prepare your child for swimming classes, it starts at home. You must make being in the water an enjoyable experience. The best place to start is during bath time. When you’re giving your child a bath, don’t rush through the experience. Instead, laugh with your baby and show them it’s okay to splash the water. The more comfortable your child is in the water in a controlled environment like a bathtub, the more likely it is they’ll feel comfortable in a big pool.

Let Them Blow Bubbles

Going under the water is scary, and it’s what many children fear when they’re afraid of water. One way to combat this fear is to show them how fun it is to blow bubbles in the water. When taking lessons, the instructor will have your child blow bubbles in the water to help them get use to the sensation of the water on their lips. You can help them experience this same sensation at home by filling a plastic cup to the top with water and demonstrating how to blow bubbles across the water’s surface.

Practice Back Floating

This can be done in the bathtub or a small kiddie pool. Have your child lie back in the water with your hands under their body for support. Let them get use to feeling the sensation of the water on their body and how it feels around their ears. Always supervise back floating sessions, and don’t let go of your child unexpectedly. The sudden shock of going under the water and not knowing what to do could cause your child to fear water for a lifetime. 

Go to a Pool

Make pool time a part of your regular routine. Many people in Los Angeles have backyard pools, but if you don’t have one, go to your local recreational center. Being in a pool with other people helps your child get used to being splashed unexpectedly and shows them other examples of people enjoying their time in the water.

Kid in Pool

Make Sure You’re Comfortable in the Water

Your child takes cues from you, and they pick up on your discomfort. If you’re afraid of the water or feel apprehensive about them getting in the water, this can have a huge affect on their degree of comfort in the water. Consider taking parent/child swimming lessons together. Not only will this make your child feel more comfortable, but it’s a great parent and child bonding time.

Learning how to swim is a milestone all children should master. Your child doesn’t have to be an Olympic swimmer, but they should know basic swimming moves. To learn more about baby swim lessons in Los Angeles, contact Swim Right Academy today!

Lenny Krayzelburg
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Lylia December 23, 2020

Enrolling in quality swim lessons?once your child is ready for them?is one of several essential ways to help prevent drowning. Talk with your pediatrician if you have any questions about whether your child is developmentally ready for swim lessons and how to find a quality program for your family.